Assessment – Change – Follow Up

Clear effects that easily can be followed by everyone.

Our offer

With BizImprover, you ensure efficient operations, control and proactivity despite rapid changes in the outside world. Our method and the associated application support – BizImprover Platform – help you to detect and act on obstacles that affect your change work. Through the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions you control your changes, and thus, achieve desired results that lasts over time. Our offer is based on a packaging of base and additional services which are supported by BizImprover Platform.

BizImprover guarantees sustainable results of your change work. The effects are clear already from start and can be followed by everyone involved throughout the entire journey of change.

The basic service includes the product module Assessment and a first Follow Up and is offered at a fixed price as described below. Our basic offer is the basis for the additional services.

As additional services, we offer recurring follow-ups. These are also offered at a fixed price for three different levels (large, medium and small). The dimensioning is set during Assessment.

In addition to this offer, we can of course help you drive specific projects and areas where change is needed. This is done on a consulting basis.


Supported by interaction-based interviews and workshops, surveys and control documents we identify improvement areas with desired effects and give them a clear structure and comparability. Through our interaction-based methodology we will get the change started already during the first phase. This step also indicates what benefits, risks, time perspectives and investments will be required.

This creates conditions for a prioritization of necessary changes based on a business case and set KPI’s with a clear ownership and personal responsibility throughout the entire process.


In this step changes are implemented, the follow up starts and the effects gained are at the same time clearly visualized. It will both be possible to discover and act on obstacles at an early stage as well as increase insight into the organization for all employees on all levels so they actively can participate and affect the changes.

Follow Up

The result is Improved business

The result of the completed steps is a goal-oriented organization with defined KPIs that measures and visualizes the effects of the changes, connected to cost and investments. Change is managed and followed up by goals agreed on within the organization.


Basic offer
525 000 kr Fixed price
  • Assessment
  • First Follow up

Follow up - Large

Additional offer
80 000 kr Per month
  • Follow up
  • More than 10 impact goals

Follow up - Medium

Additional offer
40 000 kr Per month
  • Follow up
  • 4 - 10 impact goals

Follow up - small

Additional offer
20 000 kr Per month
  • Follow up
  • Up to 3 impact goals

BizImprover’s offer – details

Basic service – Analysis

The basic service is completed within a quarter and includes the product module Assessment, including a first Follow-up. The service delivers a screening of relevant business areas, issues and problems, including an initial follow-up of impact goals in areas where need for improvement are identified.

The result of the service is:
– Documented analysis of root causes and current situation
– Basis for business case (ROI, Effort, Effect and Benefit)
– Prioritized and decided change proposals
– An initial follow-up of implemented changes

Additional services – Follow up

The additional services include the product module Follow up. The service delivers monthly follow-up of identified improvement areas and impact goals.

The additional services are delivered at the levels “Large”, “Medium”, “Small”

Large – Follow-up of more than 10 impact goals
Medium – Follow-up of 4-10 impact goals
Small – Follow-up of up to 3 impact goals

The result of the additional services are:
– Monthly follow-up and status report of decided impact goals
– Visualized effects linked to investments and costs.
– Improved business with set KPI’s