A management system built for dynamic GDPR Compliance and Reporting

Collect activities and, be consistent in reporting, using our GDPR Solution and Managed Services

Report Start Package

Expert Guidance generating your first report
We present the current situation, a prioritized basis with activities to implement in order to achieve regulatory compliance.

Key people become involved and are assigned personal responsibility during the journey. Examples of roles that need to be involved are Processor, Information Security, and DPO.

The service initially takes 2-3 months calendar time for current + priority activities.

Expert Consultation

Guidance addressing compliance gaps

Our experts are ready to support and guide, using a powerful solution to gather and follow up activities and enable dynamic reporting.

GDPR Reporting As a Service

A well-presented report with a clear structure with comparability that visualizes benefits, risks and time perspectives.

A Team will on a scheduled basis (once every six months) produce your GDPR reporting.

Benefit from expert competences and experience in the GDPR field. We provide consistency in reporting, transferring knowledge to the organization while guiding in establishing processes.

Compliance Level

Define and visualize the current and future state in the compliance stair.
The visualization gives you an idea of what to do and achieve.

Are we doing the right activities?
Do the activities carried out have any impact?

BizImprover GDPR Report
Discover our dynamic and unified way of reporting

Dashboard Report

Know your compliance, monitor progress
The first page of the report is a grouped summary of the impact goals to be achieved.

​In the report, they are grouped into:

  • Benefit
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Risk

Performance indicators will mark progress and goal achievement.

Overview of all initiatives
Plot all activities and decisions based on type and timeline.
The diagram shows a compilation of all decisions that need to be taken to achieve increased compliance. They are grouped by time perspectives (short, medium and longer) as well as the type of decisions (management, measurement, connection IT operations).
12 Focus areas of compliance
The aggregated report represents the level of compliance in each area.
The table shows the 12-point program that is addressed in the “Dynamic Compliance” based upon the perception of the organization. The 12-point program is combined in correlation with relevant articles from the GDPR.

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What's new

Dynamic GDPR Compliance as a service

We can now offer a service where we, in a report, present the current situation + all the activities and decisions you need to prioritize to achieve a higher level of compliance in the Organization. We call it dynamic to compliance, due to compliance is something that changes itself over time and is not static.