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Managed Services – Strategic Skill Sourcing

Professionals following proven ways of work, ensuring qualitative and measurable results.

Our Approach

We start with creating a clear view of the objectives, organizational maturity level and, the conditions needed for a successful and sustainable change.

This means identify and document objectives, drivers, processes, resources, waste, and it’s costs.

Deliver full concept including:

Benchmark analysis, if applicable

  • Financial waterfall chart
  • Prioritized improvement areas
  • Business case per improvement area
  • New impact goals
  • Impact goal owners
  • Defined structure for progress reporting and follow-up
We Work In Teams
Well Proven, Managed By Professionals
Phase 1
Identify areas of improvement

A team of consultants conducts “Identify” and produces a basis for “Prioritize” of identified improvement areas and desired effects.

The result is activated and presented in BizImprover, with a clear structure with comparability that visualizes utility, risks, and time perspective.

Stakeholders are involved and assigned personal responsibility during the trip.

Phase 2

Prioritize and set targets

This phase is discussed with the customer and depends on the outcome of PHASE 1 and can thus have different contents.

A team of consultants completes the phase.

Key people are involved, presented the conditions for early detection and action on obstacles, to the possibility of achieving decided effects by working in BizImprover.

Phase 3

Expert guidance enabling change

The customer now has an improved business that is characterized by defined KPIs that are degraded tactically and cooperatively in all branches of the business.

The customer follows up and documents in BizImprover.

A team of consultants is involved in supporting audits and reviews.

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BizImprover Applications

GDPR Compliance Reporting

Unified GDPR Reporting, a way of work

A service for unified GDPR compliance. The unified reporting is a service where you get a holistic status of the current situation, the progress of activities that need to be done to keep compliance.

Dynamic GDPR Compliance

Managed Services in GDPR Compliance

Get access to experts and professionals experienced in dynamic GDPR Compliance. By ensuring quarterly reporting, consistent and transparent communication with stakeholders, our process will ensure continuous improvements and up-to-date reporting.

Business Performance Analytics

Identify, Prioritize and Measure Results on Improvement Objectives

We approached this project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of this scale. We studied our client’s business to create a focused and effective solution – and then watched it grow. We loved working with this client and look forward to collaborating on many more successful projects in the future.
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