Dynamic GDPR Compliance as a service

Dynamic GDPR Compliance as a service
We have now created a new service that we call “Dynamic Compliance GDPR”

Until May 25th, 2018, a lot of activities were performed with a focus on securing the GDPR, but it has happened a lot since then!

How do you ensure dynamic compliance in the organization?

– Do you know the status of your GDPR-activities?

We can now offer a service where we, in a report, present the current situation + all the activities and decisions you need to prioritize to achieve a higher level of compliance in the Organization.

We call it dynamic to compliance, due to compliance is something that changes itself over time and is not static.

Result from our service

The results are presented, in a report, with a clear structure with comparability that visualizes the benefits, risks and time perspectives (short, medium, long).
  1. The first page of the report is a grouped compilation of the effects to be achieved.
    In the report, they are grouped in benefit, efficiency, quality, and risk and have a clear marker for progress and target achievement.

  2. The second page is a visualization of both the current state and the desired position in the compliance stair.
     – What does the movement look like over time?
     – Do the activities that have been done had any impact?

  3. The third page is a visualization of prioritized projects so that the projects that give the most impact are implemented first.
    The chart shows the complexity and time of implementation and facilitates the prioritization of projects to implement.

  4. The fourth page shows a summary of all activities and decisions that are planned to increase compliance. 
    Divided into Time perspectives (short, medium and long) and the type of project (governance, measurement, alignment).

  5. The last page shows a list of the 12-area program addressed which embraces the relevant articles of the regulation and the composite provides a holistic view of compliance.


We make a mapping of the current situation with a priority basis of activities to implement to achieve compliance. Key people are involved and assigned personal responsibility. Examples of roles that need to be involved are; Controller, Information security, DPO.

The service initially takes 2-3 months of calendar time for current mode + prioritized activities and then 2 days at each reporting date (once every six months).


The Dynamic compliance GDPR service will be implemented of Change of Lane for seven to eight weeks at a fixed-price commitment.

Annual extension containing two reports for an additional fee.

Contact us to get a promotional price until 15 nov 2019.
Call Jonas Olsson at 070-6300290.

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